Suzi’s Scratch Kitchen

I want what I eat to be as close to its natural source as possible. This is why I start from scratch omitting processed oils, sugar and additives that wreak havoc with our minds and bodies. While I've experimented with different dietary paths over the years, I realize what might work for me won't for others. That said, while some products vary in restrictions albeit plant based, paleo, keto etc, I don't cook with gluten or grains.

I believe the key to thriving is an inside job. We radiate outwardly how we feel internally and for me this starts with clean fresh food.

on the menu


an almond flour cookie base with fresh date and peanut butter nougat topped with peanuts and raw cacao chocolate coating

The OG

Like Fridays but the PB & J version infused with homemade strawberry chi jam.

Buns Away

A gluten free, paleo, vegan, keto bun with an almond flour psyllium base

buns away

My grain free buns have an almond flour and psyllium base.

They are good stand ins for those bread cravings

Walnut Creek

Venice Beach

Little Italy

The New Yorker

Barbary Ground Squirrel Eating Nuts, Atlantoxerus Getulus, Studio Shot


Suzi's Scratch Kitchen

West Hills California

New! Pumpkin Pie Bar


from my peeps

Funny Squirrel

Phil Viardo, film producer

I am Suzi's biggest fan! I'm popping those chocolates in my mouth night and day! YUM

Peter Forslund, television editor

I'm a big fan of everything Suzi makes but having a sweet tooth and a healthy option works for me and gets me through the day!


backyard nut enthusiast